Why Are Electric Dirt Bikes Unique

There is a lot that can be said about electric dirt bikes uniqueness. Apart from them being eco-friendly alternative to the gas based dirt bikes, they are packed with advantages. For example, a petro-based dirt bike needs warming up while an electric doesn’t.

Electric dirt bikes are a perfect choice for beginners as they are easy to ride and require very minimal maintenance. The noise produced by combustion dirt bikes is so loud that it can scare people and animals alike.

Although it might not be a problem for some rider, it can be very annoying for other people trying to enjoy the beauty of nature. With an electric dirt bike, you have nothing to worry anymore.

How Fast is An Electric Dirt Bike?

Electric dirt bikes are arguably faster than gas bikes. The Zero FX Bike is one of the best and the fastest electric dirt bike. It strands two worlds and skillfully uses its electric power train on both off and on-road rides. It is also featured with dual sport equipment and long-legged suspension.  

These features help your mean and lean machine to strike through any terrain or bush it finds on its way. The adjoining Zero Motorcycle app allows you to sync up to choose between Sport and Eco modes. In addition to this, Zero FX Bike is named as the fastest electric dirt bike with an unbelievable top speed of 136km/h.

Apart from FX Bike, KTM Ereeride E-XC is another alternative of a fast-moving dirt bike. It features energy recuperation technology, multi-functional display, WP suspension, a newly enhanced electric motor and state-of-the-art controls. The bike’s over 90km/h maximum speed tops it up.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Easy To Ride?

Electric dirt bikes are definitely much easier to ride than gasoline ones. These bikes are also convenient and comfortable for all riders and especially beginners. This might seem skeptical for riders who have never touched a gasoline bike. However, the moment you lay your hands on one, you’ll fully agree.

There are many reasons why this is so. One is the vibrations produced by gas bikes when on operation as well as while waiting in traffic. Although the new models are trying to resolve this problem by fitting the bikes with an engine with counter-balances, it might not solve the problem completely.

An electric bike is fun to ride even before your breakfast since they don’t vibrate. This keeps you at peace. This also works wonders in building your confidence on the road especially if you are a novice. If you an expert who values comfort, electric dirt bike is the way to go!

Which is better choice for kids; electric or gas dirt bikes?

Many kids are dreaming of being the best dirt bike riders in the world. Although parents are willing to buy them their own bikes, choosing between a gas and electric dirt bike is becoming a problem. Below are some of the advantages of electric and gas dirt bikes to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of electric dirt bikes

  • Electric dirt bikes are much easier to operate and use for both experts and beginners.
  • The electric batteries riders use to operate electric bikes are clean and less messy compared to gasoline.
  • When we talk about power delivery, electric dirt bikes are more efficient which saves you time and money.
  • If you don’t like the noise produced by dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes makes a perfect choice for you. These bikes are extremely quiet even on the road making them easier and more convenient to ride in residential areas.
  • To add on that, there is nothing like fiddling with the idle settings or signs of warming up. This makes it easier for the rider to enjoy their rides with nothing to worry about.
  • Last but not least, electric dirt bikes are environmentally friendly and cleaner compared to the gasoline bikes.

Advantages of gasoline dirt bikes

  • The fact that there is no charging and all you need to do is “gas” them and “go”, they save you much time and hustle.
  • Gas-powered dirt bikes have the best power delivery.
  • Not everyone likes a silent dirt bike. What more could characterize a motorcycle other than the traditional motorcycle sound found in gas-powered bikes?
  • They feature simple-designed engines to make it easier for you to repair in case something goes wrong.

Looking at the different advantages of each bike listed above, it is now easier to make a choice. This will however depend on your personal preference as well as that of your child. Whether you go for a gas or electric dirt bike, you can be sure your child will have fun riding the bike.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Loud?

Compared to the gasoline dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes can be said to be very quiet. Although the humming of their motors makes them produce some sound, it is very minimal. As opposed to gas-powered dirt bikes, electric-powered dirt bikes rely on the batteries attached to them to producer electric power.

If the question was whether or not electric dirt bikes produce noise, my answer could have been a positive “Yes”. However the noise produced is so minimal to create any noticeable impact. This is the reason why, many people prefer them if they want to enjoy a ride in residential areas.

There are many reasons why dirt bikes make so much noise. Some reasons include; engine capacity, acceleration of the engine, the type of mufflers, wear and tear and length of pipes among many others. The model of the bike in question is also a major contributing factor.

Luckily, this noise can be reduced by doing a few things. These include; modifying the main parts associated with noise production as well as replacing worn out parts.  

Do Electric Dirt Bikes Have a Clutch?

Electric dirt bikes do not have a clutch. The luck of a clutch works in favor of beginners or those who do not have manual experience. Although they might not be more-preferred for long distance rides due to their lack of extensive fast chargers, they’re excellent urban commuters.

The EV conversion market has proven that electric trucks and cars can at least still use manual transmissions. This led to the idea of Kawasaki coming up with an electric dirt bike that can also use manual transmissions. Even the manual-equipped electric Kawasaki motorcycle is not out yet; it is going to join the brand’s extensive lineup soon.

The luck of a clutch makes an electric dirt bike perfect choice for riding in traffic as well as other urban scenarios. You have no gears or clutch to worry about, so why not enjoy the ride? The shifting and clutching every three seconds can be very annoying!

Are Electric Bikes Street Legal?

Unlike the gasoline dirt bikes which have been banned by Federal law on public roads, electric bikes are not. However, the regulation on how these bikes should be operated often falls on local and state authorities.

It is very important to familiarize yourself with your state’s Vehicle Code. This will help you understand their stand on riding electric dirt bikes on state roads. According to many bike users, checking the electric bike laws by scouring through the State Vehicle Code is not easy.

Electric dirt bikes are defined as “Motorized bicycle”, “Bicycle”, “Motorcycle” or “Mopeds” by some laws. Therefore, the laws regulating the use of e-bike are determined by its description which varies across regions.

For example, in some states, the helmet law when using regular bicycles doesn’t apply for riders of 16 years and above. At the same time, there are those who exempt electric dirt bike riders from using helmets if they so desire.

Although many states demand for a license for dirt bike riders, some allow their citizens to ride e-bikes without insurance, registration or even a license.

Which is More Convenient; An Electric or Gas Dirt Bike?

An electric dirt bike is with no-doubt more convenient than a gasoline one. Many people have characterized the charging aspect of an electric dirt bike. However, if you make it a habit to charge it up at night, it will be very convenient. It will also save you a lot of time and money spent in a gas station.

Apart from charging, the fact that electric bikes require very little maintenance makes it very convenient. You save a lot of money on maintenance fee with an electric dirt bike. Most of the time, it’s only the pulley bearing on the rear wheel that needs changing.

The change of the pulley bearing is simply because of the lifespan of all bearings. With time, you might also need to change brake pads and the tires but still not as often as those on gas bikes.


Electric dirt bikes have hundreds of advantages over the gas-powered dirt bikes. However, there are some people who are still stuck to the “traditional” motorcycle noise. Embracing electric bikes for such a ride is next to impossible and there absolutely nothing wrong with that!

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