Which Are The Best Dirt Bikes Training Wheels?

Being a mother of two beautiful girls who are very passionate about dirt bike riding, I knew I had to get something comfortable for them. Apart from buying them small dirt bikes, I had to shop for wheels that are safe and convenient for a trainer.

This is because, your child will get more involved in the sport depending on the confidence you build in them from the start. What more would work for them than wheels that help them with balance? Below is everything you need to know about training wheels.

Which is the best brand of training wheels?

Many times, we tend to shop for what is cheap or more affordable. Although there is nothing wrong with this, many times, we end frustrated than we expected. The secret therefore is not getting the cheapest but going for the best.

Hardline Products Wheels-4Tots Universal Training Wheels have carried the day as far as training wheels are concerned. Nothing matters more to a parent than the well-being and safety of their kids. Choosing Hardline products universal training wheels means you value your young champ.

Pros of Hardline Products Wheels-4Tots Universal Training Wheels

  • They fit in almost all types of bikes.
  • These wheels are easily adjustable. For this reason, they can be used by a variety of different riders.
  • They are easy to install as well as remove.
  • Due to the fact that they are easily adjustable, you can comfortably use then on any skill level and terrain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of buying training wheels

Before listing down the pros and cons of these wheels, it is important to understand they’re not meant for kids only.  Anyone who is taking baby steps into the sport and is not very confident can use them. Below are some of the notable advantages and disadvantages of using these wheels.

  • Peace of Mind: Any parent definitely cares much of the safety of their kids while on the bike. For many, they fear seeing the bike on top of their kids just in case they lose balance and fall-off. Although this is a common occurrence, with training wheels, you’re assured that the bike will not fall over you kid. Once in a while, they will definitely fall off the bike, but the injuries will be very minimal if any.
  • Accessibility: once a dirt bike has training wheels attached to it, the bike will be much easier to ride. This build confidence even in people who never thought they’d access the bike.


Below are the two main disadvantages of using training wheels:

  • Damage to your bike: Although training wheels are very comfortable and many trainees feel comfortable using them, they should be used with caution. This is because, riding too fast with these wheels might cause serious damages to your bike. However, this is determined by the location the wheels are attached to and the impact on them.

If you attach the wheels near the engine, chances are, great impact will have serious damage to the engine of your bike. Therefore, once you get up to a certain speed or your trainee for that matter, you should consider getting off the training wheels. If you insist keeping the wheels, they might turn out to be more dangerous than riding without them.

NB: Not all training wheels attach to the engine. Therefore, It is very important to ensure that you pay attention of where you’ll attach the wheels before purchasing them.

  • Faulty Balance: One of the main reasons why many people buy training wheels, is to help them maintain balance on the bike. However, this is not a guarantee since some wheels have a balance of their own. Sometimes, they are adjusted to not be resting on the ground constantly. Therefore, the rider will be expected to learn how to balance on them before using them.

At the same time, even those that are well balanced, the axel the wheels are attached to or the wheels themselves could hit or clip on something on the ground. This would throw off your balance as the rider causing you to fall down or other more serious accidents.

  • They are expensive; Apart from the two disadvantages listed above, it is important to understand that training wheels are not very cheap. The fact that they are an additional to your bike means a different budget on top of buying the bike. This might prove a bit challenging for many people.

When Should I use training wheels?

Considering training wheels seems to have more disadvantages than advantages, the next question would be; are they really necessary? Another commonly asked question is; when should I use the training wheels?

Training wheels might be necessary on riders who desire to learn the sport but are too afraid to kick it off. Having training wheels for such a rider builds confidence in them which is all they need to become professional riders. However, if your child or trainee is confident enough and is ready to face the task ahead, then there is no need of buying them training wheels.

NB: According to many trainers, anyone who is able to balance a normal bike can ride a dirt bike. Many therefore help their learners to fast familiarize themselves with ordinary bikes. The skills they learn are then transferred to riding the dirt bike. This is a trick that has worked for many trainees!

How do we attach the training wheels?

You don’t need an expert to attach training wheels on your bike for you. This is because, all of them come with all the hardware needed and an instruction manual to make the work easier.

It is important to keep in mind that there are different types of training wheels in the market. Every model is built differently and therefore, they attach to the bike differently. But one thing that is for sure, it is doable and doesn’t take long to have the work done.

When should I take the training wheels off?

There are several reasons why you should take off the training wheels. The main reason is speed. The moment you feel you are ready to go anywhere close or above 10 miles an hour, you’re ready for the road. This is enough sign that you can go without the training wheels.

If you insist on going on high speed with these wheels on, you will be damaging the frame of your dirt bikes. This will easily wear down the bike. Secondly, if you are using adjustable training wheels, once you realize you’ve put them high enough, it is time to put them off.

Point to note

Once you’ve removed the training wheels, you should expect a few bruises, scrapes and crashes. This is more common if you or your trainee has used the training wheels for a long time and has gotten used to them.

To minimize injuries, let them train on the grass. This ensures that the kid won’t hurt much in case they fall. Alternatively, you can walk behind or beside them to support the rider and prevent them from having a complete fall. This will not only prevent injuries but it will also build their self-esteem.

 How do I take the training wheels off?

After using the wheels for a given period of time and the rider has gained confidence, it is time to take them off. Just as we mentioned above, attaching and taking off the training wheels doesn’t necessarily require an expert.

The bolts, washers and nuts of the wheels are bit different from the ones  were originally used on the bike. Therefore, it will be much easier to identify them this way. In addition to this, the wheels come with clear instructions on how to attach and take them off. Therefore, once you clearly follow them step by step, you’ll be able to have it done in less than an hour.

Winding UP

Training wheels are an important investment especially when training young kids. The fact that they are very expensive has discouraged people from buying them. Luckily, with the right tools and supplies, It is not possible to build your own.                                                                                                    

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