What Kind of Dirt Bike Gear Do You Need?

Safety equipment, accessories, and clothes that you can’t live without when riding a dirt bike are referred to as essential dirt bike gear. Whether you’re a competitive motocross rider, an enduro rider, or just enjoy hitting the trails on the weekends, there are several dirt bike accessories that should be in your kit bag for every ride.

Riding without the proper equipment can lead to a difficult day or, in the worst-case situation, injury and early retirement. If you want to get the most out of your dirt bike journey, here’s a list of everything you’ll need.

  1. Motorcycle Boots

Racing boots are distinct from conventional boots, and they can be equally as protective as helmets. Your feet, ankles, shins, and calves are all protected by them. When it comes to dirt biking, your legs are particularly vulnerable to injury. Crash protection is provided by racing boots, which prevent your foot from being sprained or twisted.

Ergonomics and Fitness

Boots, like helmets, are useless until you find a pair that fits like a glove. Ill-fitting boots can obstruct your riding and cause a great deal of discomfort. Also, keep in mind that racing boots need some time to break in, so you’ll probably find them more comfortable after a few uses than you did at first.

When it comes to boots, the ergonomics are crucial, since they will effect your entire racing experience. Ensure that the boots allow you to move your ankles freely to some extent while also preventing hyperextension and hyperflexion.

Also, make sure your boots aren’t too heavy, as racing boots are designed to be light in weight to improve the rider’s comfort. Heavy boots might make you feel sluggish and alter your posture.

If you’re not sure what boots to get, I recommend checking out the O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot, which is one of Amazon’s best-selling boots for motocross riders. It has molded plastic plates to defend against collisions, as well as metal toe guards to prevent delamination of the sole.

2.    Helmet with a full face shield

The most vital section of safety gear for a rider is a full-face helmet. It’s critical to get one since open-face and three-quarter helmets won’t protect your face and chin if you fall or crash.

According to the World Health Organization, head injuries are the primary cause of mortality and disability among motorcycle riders, with around 75% of these injuries resulting in death. So, if you’re wondering if an expensive, high-quality full-face helmet is worth the money, the answer is a loud yes!

Because street and dirt helmets are purpose-built, it’s critical to get the proper one. A jaw protector is included with a full-face helmet, but not with an open-face helmet. Let’s have a look at the essential aspects to look for while selecting the best full-face motocross helmet.


Even if the price is completely out of your budget, it’s critical that you don’t take any chances while picking the correct helmet. Make sure you get helmets from brands that have been tested for quality to avoid buying cheap helmets that don’t give much protection.

If you live in the United Kingdom, look for an ACU gold stamp on your helmet. Helmets that meet the Auto Union Cycle’s requirement for motorcycle helmets built to endure high hits while racing are given this stamp.

If you live in the United States, look for DOT, Snell M2005, Snell M2010, or ECE R22-05 markings on your helmet.

Size and Ventilation

You should also pay attention to the ventilation. A top-quality helmet will have many vents to facilitate proper air circulation. However, hyper-ventilated helmets, which are becoming increasingly popular, should be avoided. As a result, the helmet’s protection may be compromised.

Normal vents are preferable since they allow for appropriate circulation while riding without jeopardizing the helmet’s protective design.

It is also vital that you get one that is a great fit for your head. It’s crucial to measure your head and double-check the fit. This is because not wearing the correct size might result in a severe head injury if it becomes dislodged in the event of a crash. If you’re not sure what size to get for your head, use this reference table to figure it out. However, you must make your final selection after testing on the helmet for yourself.

3.    Pants

Dirt bike trousers are necessary since the material they are made of protects them from tearing easily. It also ensures that you have full range of motion and are not restricted in any way, unlike jeans and other textiles.

Dirt bike pants normally have a leather coating around the knee area, which is a key characteristic. This region of the body frequently rubs against the dirt bike and is close to the motorcycle’s exhaust pipe, necessitating additional protection. It not only protects the knee, but it also gives the cyclist more grip.


When it comes to fit, motocross trousers are a little different from conventional pants. Most dirt bike pants have velcro or buckle waistband adjustments. This manner, you may tighten or loosen it to your heart’s content until it’s just right.

When it comes to length, it’s usually a tad shorter than your average pair of pants. This will keep them from becoming unpleasant when your boots are worn over them. They’re also a little looser around the knees to let you move more freely. Riding in jeans that are too tight can feel constricting.

In summary, search for dirt bike pants that fit well, provide comfort and flexibility, are on the shorter side, and include CE-rated armor or leather in the hips and knees while shopping.

The Ventilate Machine Motocross Pant is a motocross pant that has all of the attributes that a decent dirt bike pant should have. It contains side vents to keep you from getting too hot or sweaty, as well as the option to close them if you get too cold. It also has an inner knee reinforcement and a waist adjustment mechanism.

4.    Gloves

Cuts, bruises, burns, and abrasions can all be avoided with dirt bike gloves. You’ll have a better grip as well. Its padding reduces vibration in your hands, allowing you to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

They’re usually constructed of breathable, elastic fabrics and come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. If you want more safety, thick gloves with extra padding are a good option. Simply make sure they’re constructed of a durable, abrasion-resistant material!

If you’re looking for gloves with all of the above benefits, the VENTilate Motocross Gloves are a perfect choice. They also include a silicone coating on the palm and fingertips to improve gripping ability.

5.    Jerseys

To some extent, all racing jerseys operate as a protective layer to keep your skin from being scraped. They’re usually long-sleeved and shield your skin from the sun. It is recommended that you wear a motocross or dirt bike racing shirt, as these are more abrasion resistant than conventional jerseys.

When it comes to fitting, avoid going for a loose or baggy fit (if that’s your regular style) because these can easily become caught or pulled when riding. Find something that is both comfortable and appropriate for the activity.

I recommend checking out VENTilate Motocross Jersey if you’re looking for some high-quality motocross jerseys. It’s a breathable, lightweight jersey that also absorbs perspiration and moisture. It also incorporates a zipped ventilation system to keep you from getting too hot or sweaty.

6.    Goggles

Motocross goggles shield your eyes from the elements such as wind, dust, rain, and debris, allowing you to see more clearly. Just make sure they fit inside your helmet comfortably. When it comes to selecting a nice pair of goggles, the size is the most important factor to consider. To improve peripheral vision, most firms sell goggles with big lenses.

One of the most prevalent issues with dirt bike goggles is that if they don’t have enough air, the lens can fog up. As a result, it’s critical to invest in high-quality goggles with anti-fogging ventilation.

If you typically ride in the sun, you can even obtain tinted goggles. There are several tint options available, ranging from a fully mirrored lens to a hybrid lens that may be used in both sunny and cloudy settings.

When shopping for motocross goggles, seek for ones that provide decent comfort, clear vision, and sweat absorption. The J.A.C. MX Tear-Off Goggles are extremely comfortable and feature-rich. It boasts a scratch-resistant and anti-fog lens, as well as a moisture absorption cushion to keep sweat from running down your face. It also comes with a nose guard that can be removed!

Final Thought

After reading this article, you now have a better understanding of the most injury-prone parts of your body, as well as the precautions you can take to ensure you don’t suffer significant bodily harm even if you crash!

Motocross is a severe activity that can result in life-threatening injuries if you are not properly equipped. Helmets, boots, body armor, knee and elbow pads, neck brace, and goggles are the most important pieces of safety equipment to have. Even modest falls and impacts can have a significant influence on your key organs if you don’t have these.

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