What is Dirt Bike Racing Game?

We have finally embraced the digital age and said bye bye to the analog world. The kids of today have very little idea of what getting into the field and having things done is. Dirt bike racing game gives you an opportunity to experience what a racer on the ground experiences at the comfort of your house!

You will be able to jump on a dirt bike, start performing radical stunts and running against other seasoned pros. The trick is performing the coolest stunts without having to lose the landings. This proves that you are an expert on the wheels.

What is Dirt Bike Racing Game Called?

Dirt bike racing is also known as Motocross. It is defined as a type of off-road motorbike racing that is usually held on enclosed off-road circuits. Dirt bike racing traces its roots from motorcycle trials competitions that were held in the United Kingdom. It started in Britain just to be precise.

The competitions started as the Auto-Cycle Clubs and initially, it was first quarterly back in 1909. In 1912, they started what they referred to as Scottish Six Days Trial. The organizers dispensed the race with strict scoring and delicate balancing in order to bring the fastest racer to the finish.

Which is The Best and Famous Dirt Bike Racing Game?

When looking for the best and most reliable way of spending your afternoon, nothing would work better than dirt bike racing. Once in a while, it is okay to be a partial addict of computer games especially during your free time. It is however important to understand there is a big difference between dirt gaming and being on the field bike.

There are many dirt bike racing games that you can choose from. Below, are a few samples to choose from.

  • MXGP 2020 – Best Dirt Bike Game

Milestone is definitely a famous option for anyone who has been in the computer gaming world for long. However, in 2020, there came up an upgrade of the 2019 edition. This is what was known as MXGP 2020. There would be nothing wrong to upgrading but you must be ready to pay the price as well.

  • Supercross 3 & 4

If you love the Milestone products, then you will appreciate their work on Supercross 3 & 4. Before Supercross 4 was invented, there was Supercross 3. Version four has had a lot of improvement to ensure it performs better than Supecross 3. Supercross 4 has done wonders to improve the 3rd version.

  • Mud Motocross Game

Mud Motocross has been qualified as “Classic” games. Although itssounds, architecture and graphics are obviously older compared to the above alternatively, they are the best. It is possible for Mud to stand out among its competitorsmore so because of its current price.

  • MX V ATV All-Out

A wide choice of layouts and tracks mean hours of fun and unforgettable experience! With this game, you can expect anything starting from bikes, camera angles, kits and multiple race options. This includes season series and a solo time trial for career development. Not forgetting the online community and the single events.

How DoesOne Become a Dirt Bike Racer?

Professional dirt biking is not only fun but also exhilarating. The game has great and demanding pursuits which are never easy to arrive at. However, with a passionate and burning desire, you will never miss out on this unique game. You will not only enjoy the game but also fall in love with it.

Just many other games, there are a few tips you need to remember to be an expert in dirt biking. These tips include;

  1. Start By Riding a Mountain Bike or a BMX

Most of the cyclists you find on the road started off by riding a mountain bike or a BMX. A BMX works wonders in helping you adopt many important rising skills. These include; bumping and pack riding, explosive power, leg speed, aggressiveness, cornering and jumpingamong others.

Once you set up protective gear and bike, the starting point is on freestyling on the Mountain Bike or the BMX. Do the rounds on a skate park, in front of your house or even in a parking lot. The best place to do your training would be in a skate park as there are many other bikers who you can learn a lot from.

  • Start Riding A Dirt Bike

Once you are fully satisfied with your experience on a mountain bike or a BMX, it is time to own your first dirt bike. Considering the cost of a dirt bike, buying one will definitely not be easy. Choosing from the many models and different brands will also be a pain in the neck.

Beginners are usually advised to go for used dirt bikes until they are able to specify their favorite model. At the same time, used dirt bikes are cheaper making them easier to afford. They normally range from $500 to $2000.

  • Buy The Right Gear

Although it is advisable to wear protective gear when riding ordinary bikes, for dirt bikes it is compulsory. Ensure that you do not only buy the right gear but also ensure they are of good quality. Best dirt bike helmets are made of fiberglass, polycarbonate and carbon fibers.

Apart from helmets, you will also need a pair of goggles, gloves, knee guards and many others. each gear has its own work and can therefore not be replaced.

  • Get a coach and practice regularly

It is one thing to have a good coach and another to do the work yourself. As much as your coach works hard to ensure you get all the necessary skills, if you don’t practice regularly, it will be of no use. Dirt bike is a skill that you can only acquire when you are on the bike.

For you to become a pro, you will need to work on every single skill you learn until you perfect it. Your coach will not only offer you theory but also practical skills. This means, they must be ready to go with you on rides when necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Go Pro in Motocross?

There is a big difference between being a great motorcross rider and a becoming a pro. This is because, apart from being good on the road, there are many other things that you’ll need to put into consideration. Although there is nothing wrong with trying to become a pro at a young age, it costs a lot.

As a rider, you will be forced to sacrifice a lot of your childhood years that end up deicated to motocross riding. At the same time, you will need some legalization and paperwork done including getting a lixense. All this costs money and demands a lot of sacrifice as well.

Once you are good on the road and are ready to apply for a Pro-AM license, it can take you more than a year to have it ready. You must have accumulated not less than 60 advancement points in a period of 18 monhs or 1 ½ years.

Is it Possible to Race an Old Dirt Bike?

The answer to this question is a big “Yes”. As long as the bike you want to purchase has been well-maintained, there is nothing wrong with buying it. Many beginners are advised to buy a second-hand dirt bike until they are sure of the bike that will suit them well.

A well maintained dirt bike is as good as new and can serve you long enough until you afford to buy new bike. There are many was of checking the quality and the state of the used dirt bike you want to buy. You can take it on a road test and also seek a second opinion from an expert.

How Much Do Pro Dirt Bikers Earn?

After paying such a big sacrifice to be a pro dirt bike or motocross racer, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A pro motocross race can earn up to $85,000 per year. This is however the annual earnings. The more experienced you become, the more your earnings per year grow.

Valentino Rossi earned a total of $22 million in 2013 just from racing. Apart from their set annual earnings, they are also entitled to aggregate bonuses where one can earn $100,000 if they are crowned winners in a race. When added together to the annual earnings, this is quite a kill.

What Does Hare Scramble Race Mean?

This chapter will never be closed down without mentioning something about Hare Scramble. These are off-road completion events which are different from enduro. A hare scramble is a race is an all-out race where bikers start on the same row to the finish.

The racers ride in laps on an already set course and the leader is determined by the first person to complete a pre-determined number of laps. They calculate the amount of time taken to complete those laps. Alternatively, they can set a pre-determined amount of time and the number of laps taken are calculated.


Dirt bike racing is a great game whether on the field or in the comfort of your home on your PC. However, when you do it practically and have a taste of what it means to be on the machine, the experience is amazing. Grab a bike and experience the fun!

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