Misconception About Dirt Bike Riding

Human being are very creative and look for ways of coming up with stories that favor their belief. This is what leads to myths and misconceptions. Many times, what we tend to believe in are things that deep within us, we know they don’t exist.

There are times however that we are misinformed and have not had anyone of shedding the light. This is a mistake that has been witnessed in many sports and people’s hobbies and dirt bike riding is one of them. There are very many myths and misconceptions among dirt bikers but mostly seen among novices. These include:

1.    Helmets Are Not Necessary

The issue of riding with or without a helmet has been a bone of contention among bikers for many years now. Many times, people don’t argue about helmets because they don’t know its importance but simply because they don’t like them.

By convincing others it is not necessary to wear helmets or making them believe it is optional makes things easier for you. There are those riders who even believe a helmet is more harmful than good in case of an accident. They argue that in case of an accident, your neck is likely to fracture from the weight of the helmet.

The truth

The issue of a helmet is a misconception that exposes the rider to head damage or even death in case of an accident. According to experts, suffering from a neck fracture is very rare during an accident than getting a head injury. Therefore, riders should always concentrate on protecting themselves from head injuries in the event of an accident.

2.      Younger Riders Tend To Easily Get Into Accidents

 Irrespective of your age, it is a rule of thumb to always be very keen when riding your dirt bike. Many experienced riders tend to believe they are immune to accidents and falls. However, some have gotten seriously hurt in the process.

There is a lot of truth that new riders or beginners are at a higher risk of getting into accidents than experienced ones. This is because, they might have spent so much time riding in their backyard but have never been on the trails. They can therefore easily crash or get into collisions due to lack of confidence on the road.

The Truth

When it comes to crashing and colliding while riding a dirt bike, age is a non-factor. In fact, older riders might find themselves getting into more accidents because of being over-confident. The secret of remaining safe is to always ride with caution!

3.    A Dirt Bike Should Be Laid Down Before A Crush

When you are on the road, it is always very important to ensure that we are safe at all times. The moment we realize we are in danger; we tend to look for ways of saving ourselves from serious injuries or even death. In the process, we do more harm than good.

One of the riskiest things that riders do is trying to lay their bikes down. Their argument is, they will be close to the ground this way and hence, you won’t be through into the air in the event of an accident. This is however another myth.

The Truth

As we all know, dirt bikes are meant for off-roading, therefore, the rubber on your tires are designed to cater for this. Therefore, they will be much easier to control and stop than metal and plastic. Instead of laying the bike down, the wisest thing to do to slow it down.

Laying the dirt bike down means you’re too sensitive of getting crashed which might add to your tension. The bike might lose balance and crash even when it was not meant to crash.


Accidents usually happen very fast and suddenly and they rarely give us enough time to prepare. Therefore, the secret is always be dressed in the right gear including a helmet, riding carefully but with confidence!

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