Is 125cc Enough?

Lightweight cars with small engines always feel good and safe. When it comes to buying dirt bikes some people have the same notion. This is especially so for beginners.

If you’ve been wondering whether a 125cc bike is enough, you are not alone. The truth however is, it depends on your needs as an individual. Many of these bikes are perfect even at intermediary level!

Is A 125cc Bike Passenger Ride?

Yes it is but it depends on the license of the rider. There is that unique feeling that comes with riding on a motorbike. Once you hit the road with your new bike, all your friends will be waiting to be given a ride. The question now is, are you licensed to do so?

If you are licensed to ride your bike whether on a full or moped category-A superbike, without a L-plate, you’re free to take a passenger on your bike. However, you should ensure that the pillion has a helmet and the bike should also be in good order.

There is also an age limit for getting a license to take a pillion and that 17 years and above. Another determining factor on whether you can carry your friend on your new bike is your bike type. A sub-4kW will not be able to move under your weight. A pillion is only legal without a L-plate!

Are 125cc Allowed on The Highway?

Every country has their different rules when it comes to bikes. In many countries like South Africa, the United States, riding a 125cc bike on the highway is legal. This however will be determined on the kind of license the rider holds. You should ensure you follow the Highway Code.

If you want to enjoy riding your bike on the highway, take time to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course. This is abbreviated as CBT and this is the only thing that will allow you to ride unaccompanied on the highway. The 125cc bike should have a power output of not more than 11kW.

Getting a license to drive on the highway seems much easier than riding a dirt bike. However, considering the dangers involved, the strict rules and requirements are necessary. After completing the CBT course, the last requirement will be having a L-plate for not less than 2 years. Once all this is done, you will be good to go!

Which are the best 125cc bikes?

There are many 125cc dirt bikes in the market but not all of them are worth your attention. Below is a list of some of the best brands you can choose from:

1.       KTM Duke 125

KTM Duke 125 has many great features, one of them being its styling. The main aim of 125cc manufacturers is making a product that is closer to their larger counterparts in looks and quality. It would be very difficult to differentiate this bike with their larger counterparts unless you’re an expert.

It has an aggressive street bike design and it has an almost supermoto feel thanks to its slightly forward-leaning ride position. The bike has been approved by EUROS and its brand new dark metallic paint finishing makes it look better than ever. Although it is one of the most expensive bikes in the market, none can contend with its quality.

2.       Honda CB125F

Honda CB125F might not be top in quality but it seems to have attracted the attention of many riders. This has made them one of the greatest sellers in the market. To improve its quality, and to make it more competitive, they recently released a brand-new update in 2021.

It might not be as flashy as KTM Duke125 but it is still worth giving it a chance. Its nice street bike styling and the full-size treatment on their latest version has given it the comfort of a big bike. At the same time, they were able to reduce the weight of their new bike by 11kg. The new model therefore guarantees you better performance than most of its counterparts.

3.       Yamaha MT-125

Yamaha released this bike into the market in 2014 as the best alternative to the YZF125R. 6 years down the line, in 2020, they decided to upgrade this bike and give it a fresh update. It boasts of great features that has made YZF a pride in the market.

Some of the aspects of Yamaha MT-125 that are worth mentioning include: LED lights, USD forks, LCD display, a slipper clutch and an ABS among others. It has an oozing big bike style loaded with cutting edge qualities that you’ll always fall in love with!

Why Are 125cc Preferred For Beginners?

There are many reasons why dirt bikes are preferred over larger bikes. The fact that the engine of the bike is much smaller makes it much easier to control. Once you’ve set your mind to start training in dirt bike-riding, the next question is, which is the best choice?

No matter how good you are in mastering new skills, it is always advisable to start with a smaller bike. Although there are people who have given a trial on the larger cc, they find it more difficult to train. Training to be a professional dirt bike rider doesn’t have to be a risky affair. Make it as safe as possible by choosing the right bike.

Last but not least, many bikes with smaller engines are cheap than the large bikes. Therefore, as a beginner, it would be wise to go for an affordable bike then upgrade with time. A 125cc is the best since it is also not too small and so you’ll enjoy it even at intermediary level.


Dirt bike 125cc is one of the best bikes in the market today. With the many options we have today, you will never go wrong with the new and upgraded 125cc models. The price for the best might be pricey but since many of them are durable, there’s no problem investing in one!

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