How To Wear A Dirt Bike Helmet With Dreadlocks?

It has been your dream to a own a dirt bike and be the talk of your town. You’ve done everything you could and finally, Boom! The money of buying yourself a dirt bike is finally here! Unfortunately, you remember you have dreadlocks and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

 The dilemma now comes in juggling the two passions. Keeping your dreadlocks and enjoying your dirt bike riding. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about. You can comfortably wear your helmet even with your dreadlocks. It is however important to learn that it will not be very simple.

Is A Hemet Necessary When Riding A Dirt Bike?

If you have been asking yourself this question, don’t worry, you are not alone. The truth is, most of the people who walk on this path either have dreadlocks or very long hair. Therefore, they are usually looking for a space goat of convincing themselves they can do without a helmet.

If you value your life and want to keep enjoying your new “Baby” for many years, Never ride without a helmet! Regardless of how hot or uncomfortable it feels, a helmet is a must have at all times. Riding a dirt bike without a helmet is like signing a death sentence!

Tips Of Wearing A Helmet With Dreadlocks

Once you realize that you cannot ride a dirt bike without a helmet, the next question should be; How do I go about it without ruining my long hair or messing with my dreadlocks? Fortunately, I have answers for your question and these are:

1.    Get a Bigger Helmet

The size of your helmet will be determined by the length of your hair or your dreadlocks. At the same time, you should also consider the thickness of your hair. There are people with long but weak hair, however, there are those with long, thick and strong hair. This will be noticeable in the dreads.

The helmet you were using when your locks were still short might be in great shape but its time is up. Wearing it will mean having to force your head fit in. in return, your locks will be messed up with and it might even turn out to be very uncomfortable.

Having a bigger helmet means it will not come into direct contact with your head. Hence, your locks will remain in good order and at the same time, your hair will have enough breathing space.

2.    Use a protective layer

As we mentioned above, ensure you buy a much bigger helmet than the size of your head. This will not only accommodate the locks but also the protective layer between them and the helmet. Having a cushioning layer doesn’t protect the locks from getting squashed under the helmet. However, it protects them from getting ruined.

There are different things that you can use as a protective layer. These includes; a skull cap, a soft silk scarf, bandana and a headband among others. This will keep the hair in place as well as make it easy for the helmet to slide on and off. The head scarf also cushions the pressure from the helmet.

Apart from keeping the locks in good shape, it is also important to consider your own safety. Wearing a head cloth that pulls the locks back prevents the hair from getting to your eyes.


It is now easy to enjoy your bike and maintain your locks. However, there are some things that you should avoid doing if you are a regular rider. One of these things includes adding beads and other accessories on your dreads. This is because, the helmet will pressure them on the scalp making them unbearable.

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