How To Identify A Good Dirt Bike Trainer?

They say, if you can ride an ordinary bike, then you can comfortably ride a dirt bike. Simple, is it? So it seems! Riding a dirt bike is not as easy as many people tend to make it look like. If riding a dirt bike was a walk in the park, then many people could be on the streets riding one.

Just like any other sport, dirt bike riding needs and demands a lot of skills and concentration. It is therefore advisable to hire a good instructor to guide you through. The challenge comes in identifying the right man for the job.

In this article, we are going to enlighten with the skills you need to look for in a trainer. These are:

1.    They Must Be Great Riders

 One of the main things and the first most important skill you need to look for in a trainer is riding skills. It would be disastrous to be trained by a person who knows absolutely nothing about dirt bike riding. Apart from receiving instructions from your trainer, watching how they do it will go a long way.

Before someone develops enough confidence to train other people in any field, they must be very good at it. This person should be able to give you all the tips you need and answer almost all the questions about that particular field. In this case, a dirt bike trainer must know almost everything about biking!

2.    Must Have Good Communication Skills

The main reason why people hire tutors is simply because they are ready to learn. A good trainer must be a good communicator. Once in a while, you will be frustrated and think of quitting and forgetting everything about dirt biking. With a good trainer, they will be in a position of encouraging you to keep on trying till you get things right.

At the same time, when it’s the topic about communication, a trainer should differentiate an adult and a child. The language you use on children is definitely the one you use on adults. For example, if you treat an adult like a child, they will feel disrespected and quit. On the other hand, if a tutor treats a child like an adult, they will feel harassed and quit.

Therefore, a good trainer knows how to bring a balance between the two. This not only retains their students but they are also able to give their best.

3.    A Good Trainer Should Be Selfless

Apart from having all the skills an expert biker has, a good trainer should be selfless. The fact that dirt biking is more of a sport than a hobby means, it demands a lot of sacrifice. For you to become an expert, you must have someone who is ready to give more than what is entailed on the book.

Many great athletes today have become as successful as they are because they had a selfless coach by their side. In the same way, whether you are riding for fun or to become a professional, your coach or trainer must be ready to hold your hand all the way.

He/she must be ready to go with you through the woods, teach you all the safety measures of dirt biking and many more. As far as training is concerned, they should be ready to stick by your side until you are able to stand on your two feet.


There is a big difference between a passionate trainer and one who does it for the money. If you want to go far in your trainer as a biker, always look for a passionate rider and trainer. This is because, they are always committed to the course. They will never leave your hand until you’re strong enough to stand on your own!

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