How Often Should You Rebuild Your Dirt Bike?

It is the dream of many riders to finally own a bike of their own. To start with, many buy a simple and cheap or affordable bike as their beginner bikes. With time, if they are lucky enough, they are able to buy a bike of their dream.

Once this is done, they are ready to do anything to ensure their bike remains in the best status always. Unfortunately, with their nature of operation, this might prove to be a great challenge. This is the reason why they need to rebuild them every now and then.

Do dirt bikes break down easily?

The first question you need to ask yourself is how fast it takes for a dirt bike to break down. Although dirt bikes are meant to withstand rough conditions all their lives, they are strong enough to bear the challenge. However, just like any other machine, they will break down and need some repair.

The frequency at which these bikes breaks down depends on your riding style and rotations per minute (RPM). Rebuilding a dirt bike might be quite expensive but luckily, it is not something that is done often. Many models are able to take a total of 100hrs and more of ride time only if they are casually ridden.

If you are an aggressive rider who enjoys riding on rougher terrains, it is possible that your bike will wear out in less than 20 hours. This means, you should be more honest with yourself and be clear on where you belong. If you are a rough rider, ensure you have your bike taken care of more often.

NB: Whether you are an aggressive rider or not, it is very important to understand your bike. Every time it needs some maintenance, it will show you some signs that should never be ignored. Some of the most common signs include; difficulty starting, low compression (loss of power) as well as plug fouling among others.  You might also notice some poor suspension or steering difficulty.

Is dirt bike rebuilding an expensive affair?

No matter how strong your bike is or how careful you are on the road, it is still prone to breakdown. Therefore, they will need some maintenance and rebuilding when need be. For the few riders who are experienced, they are able to do the job on their bikes.

Many of the other riders however are forced to hire the services of a mechanic. the cost of the services and maintenance will highly depend on the model of the bike as well as its quality. Some dirt bikes needs the services of a specialist which will prove to be more expensive.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that, repairing  a dirt bike can be very expensive. Whether you hire the services of an expert or an ordinary mechanic, you will still be forced to part with several dollars.

Therefore, take good care of your bike and only take through rough terrains only when necessary. By doing this, you will reduce the number of times the bike is repaired per year.

Point to note

When buying a dirt bike for your child, invest in those bikes designed for children. This is because, they are much cheaper, their parts are cheaper and they are also cheaper to repair. Buy them an adult bike only when they are able to handle it.

How long does a dirt bike repair take?

The time taken to rebuild a dirt bike depends on several things. These include;

  • How severe is the damage: If the damages are severe, the bike will take longer compared to a bike that only needs simple repair.
  • What needs to be replaced and how accessible are the spare parts: If the parts that needs to be replaced are easily accessible, the repair will take less time. However, if the spare parts needed are many, expensive and not readily available, the repair will definitely take much longer.
  • Last but not least, who will do the job for you: For riders who have all the necessary repair parts at hand and are mechanically inclined, they can have the work done within a few hours. However, taking it to an expert will highly depend on how busy the mechanic is. This means, the rebuilding might take days or even a week.

Point to note

If you want to be sure of the quality of work done on your bike every time you need a repair. It is advisable to take mechanical lessons and always have all the necessary tools at hand to be able to do the job yourself.

Is there a difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes?

There are several notable differences between the two dirt bikes. For example, four strokes are more environmental friendly compared to two strokes. At the same time, many people prefer four strokes bikes and especially beginners because they are easier to ride.

When it comes to rebuilding the engines of the two bikes, they are more or less the same. This is because, they all demand the services of an expert to have the work done. However, since two strokes are not very common these days, it might take you more time to find its spare parts compared to the four strokes.

Point to Note

Although the spare parts of a four stroke dirt bike are more readily available than that of a two stroke, the cost of repair differ. This is because, the two stroke tend to have fewer mechanical problems which are easy to fix. At the same time, their spare parts are cheaper compared to those of a four stroke. Last but not least, two strokes engines are easier to work on compared to four strokes since they are less complicated.


When it comes to choosing between a two stroke and four stroke dirt bike, the decision is very personal. There are riders who prefer two stroke engine bikes and have their valid reasons for that. On the other hand, there are those who go crazy for four stroke engine bikes and have valid reasons for their decisions too.

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