How Fast Is 100cc Dirt Bike In MPH?

What’s your first reaction when you hear about a 100cc bike? It seems small right? If this is your thought, don’t worry many people think so too.

A 100cc dirt bike can go at a maximum speed of not more than 55mph and also not below 40mph. When you think about it, you will realize this speed is fast enough to enjoy your dirk bike riding experience.   

Is A 100cc Dirt Bike Fast Enough?

Yes. A 100cc Dirt bike is fast enough. Although riding a 100cc might not be as fun as riding a much bigger bike, it is still very reliable. This is actually the best place to start at then with time, you will be able to get a bike of your dream.

When you see those bikes on the road, you will never know the size of the engine unless you’re an expert. Therefore, never let anyone intimidate you just because they are riding a bigger bike than yours. The 125cc go-karting seems to be more famous than the 100cc but their difference is very minute.

There are many advantages of using a 100cc bike especially for beginners. Some of these include; manageable power, cheap price and lighter kart chassis. It is not only perfect for teenagers but also adult beginners.

How efficient is a 100cc dirt bike?

It is very efficient. Although the 100cc are rarely used in competitions, they are very efficient for personal use and training. A 100cc bike has an average speed of 40 to 55 miles per hour. For experts, they have confessed to have overstretched it to over 100mph. 55 mph is approximately 88km/h.

The fact that you can stretch the bike to around 60mph and still be comfortable, it makes it efficient enough. If you have more cash, you can buy a much powerful unit like kx100. For many consumers who have used a good 100cc bike, they have confirmed that it’s much more comfortable than a 150cc.

Since a 100cc is not the smallest bike in the market, is enough reason to trust in its efficiency. There are many 80cc and 50cc bikes and they are all very efficient. Therefore if you are planning to buy a 100cc bike, there is no reason of backing out.  

What is CC in MPH?

There is no direct conversion of CC to MPH but there is a very clear relationship between the two units. CC means Cubic Centimeters while MPH stands for Miles Per Hour. Cubic centimeters is used to measure Engine displacement in motorcycles.

Cubic Centimeters is abbreviated as CC. CC indicates the amount of space travelled by pistons through in the engine. This indicates speed of the engine as well as its power. CC is used to determine the fastest motorcycle in the market.

The ratio of power to weight quantifies the available amount of power to move every pound of a motorcycle. This will determine the speed at which a bike accelerates at as well as its maximum speed. A lower ratio indicates a faster bike and vice versa.

It might be difficult for a rider to be in a position of doing these calculations. Therefore manufacturers makes things easier for you by indicating the maximum speed of a bike. Although many riders tend to exceed the recommended maximum, this risks the quality of your bike.  

What’s The Difference Between 100CC and 50cc Bikes?

There are many differences between a 50cc and 100cc bike and some are listed below:

  • The maximum speed limit: the maximum speed limit of a 100cc bike is approximately 40-55mph. when this is converted to kilometers per hour (kph) it’s approximately 80kph. On the other hand, the maximum speed limit of a 50cc dirt bike is approximately 25-40cc. this adds up to approximately 64-65kph.
  • Ease of control: the ease of control depends on the speed limit of a dirt bike. At 25-40mph, you can freely and safely ride your bike without worrying about anything whatsoever. It is therefore easier to control a 50cc bike than a 100cc. You can easily over speed with a 50cc bike compared to a much powerful one. 
  • The Weight of the bike: many 50cc bikes are lighter in weight compared to a 100cc bike. The two are relatively very close to each other and it might not be easy to notice the difference.


There are very small differences between a 50cc and a 100cc bike. Therefore, one can easily replace the other. There is also not a big difference between a 100cc and a 200cc dirt bike. If you are looking for a much better bike to replace your 100cc, the best option would be a 400cc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right bike might not be easy and especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, we decided to take the liberty of listing down a few questions and answers to guide on the same.

  1. Are 100 cc bikes expensive?

The bikes come in different prices depending on the design, the company, year of manufacture and many other factors. The size of the bike and the model are also some additional factors that should be considered when shopping for a dirt bike.

  • What should one consider when shopping for a dirt bike?

Before you decide on the best bike to take home, there are a few things you need to consider. Some of these factors include: the riding style and the condition of road and distance you expect it to cover in a day.

  • What should be my budget?

They always say that you should never place your budget above the quality of a product. However, it is very important to ensure that you have a well set budget limit and shop within your budget. It would be so frustrating to buy a very expensive bike and end up in unnecessary debts.  

At the same time, you better save up a bit more and get a good quality bike than buy a cheap that will last you for just a short time!

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