Dirt Bike Riding in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful land and has become a great tourist destination for many tourists. There are very many beautiful sceneries in Kenya which have attracted investors and different athletes. If you desire to have a great experience of riding in the woods, Kenya is the place to be!

Some of the sports that are slowly becoming famous in Kenya include dirt bike riding and motocross riding. Although these are sports that were initially introduced by foreigners, Kenyans are now embracing it at a very high rate.

The Best Dirt Bike Competitions in Kenya

As we have mentioned above, dirt bike riding is a sport that is quite new in Kenya. The same goes with motocross riding. The first motocross competition was held at Jamhuri Grounds in Nairobi, Kenya (the capital city of Kenya). In this competition, there were more than 200 participants.

Although some of them gave up on the way and didn’t finish the race, their participation still counts to date. The best riders who emerged in position one and two were Kit Garner and Wahome Mutahi respectively. The competition took place at the end of January in 2018. Its success was so impressive that the organizers developed great interest in organizing more competitions.

This also paved way for dirt bike riding. Although there are some grounds that can take up the challenge of hosting the competition, Jamhuri Grounds has become the main venue. There are many reasons the event organizers have given for choosing this ground. This includes:

  • Proximity to the city

Jamhuri park is less than 15 km from City and less than 40 minutes’ drive to Nairobi City. This means, participants from other countries can comfortably move to and from the city with a lot of ease. Its proximity to the city has made it also easily accessible even for the fans of the game.

  • It is big enough

Dirt bikes are not meant to be enjoyed on the road. The fun of riding a dirt bike is enjoying the challenge of taking corners through the woods. It also feels good when one rides up and down through rough roads and terrains. Some of these features can only be found at Jamhuri Park.

In addition to this, since the park is big in size, it is safer for fans who come to watch and enjoy the game. They can take different positions and watch the race without the fear of being run over by a wavering rider.

How Is A Winner Determined In A Race?

There are different ways of determining the success of a racer in a dirt bike competition. One of the ways is by checking who arrived first and this is the most common way of determining a winner. The challenge however comes when different teams are being involved and are all in different races.

This is where the points each racer scored matters. Once you complete a race, as long as you are among the first two or three, your points are recorded. The data will be collected for all the players participating in these races. At the end of the season, the points are compared and the three players who scored the highest points carries the day.


Kenyans are known for their strong will and commitment in everything they do. The same has been witnessed in the way they have embraced this sport. They have not only gotten involved in it at individual levels but they have also founded different bodies to bring the riders together. Some of these bodies include; Private Bikers Association of Kenya and EAMSC among others.

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