Can I Ride A Dirt Bike With A Disability?

As they say, “Disability is not inability”. Just because you are disabled doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy riding your favorite dirt bike. Therefore, if you have been wondering whether or not you are allowed to ride a dirt bike with a disability. The answer is a big “Yes.

In this world we enjoy living in today, anything is possible. Inventors are working day and night to come up with new ideas of things they can do to make life more bearable. Luckily, the dirt bike world has not been left behind. This has led to adapted bikes for disable riders.

The Effect of NABD To The Dirt Bike World

Have you ever hard of the word “NABD?” What rings in your mind every time you read these initials? NABD is not word but they are initials that stands for National Association for Bikers with a Disability. NABD has played a very big role in supporting dirt bike riders and other bikers who were not able to enjoy the sport because of their disability.

What is NABD?

For those who are starting up in this industry, this term might still sound confusing to you. However, it is music to the ears of many disabled riders who have managed to reach their dreams over the years. National Association for Bikers with a Disability is a registered charity for supporting disabled riders.

This charity group was formed in 1991 but has grown at a very fast rate. Today, it is considered as the leading support group for cyclists who suffer disabilities around the world. The disabilities might have been caused by genetic conditions, accidents, illness and many other causes.

Regardless of the cause of your disability, NABD is ready to offer you all the support you need. They give them advice on different matters relating to dirt bike modifications, licensing, specialist prosthetics, training and insurance. They also advise them on registering of custom-built vehicles, control adaptations exemption from VAT and excise duty among other legal matters.

How To Ride With a Disability

When we talk about riding a dirt bike with a disability, there are a lot of things that one can do to achieve better results. These include; get someone to cover the cost of adaptations or modification of the dirt bike of their choice.

Luckily, for some people, especially those living in Scotland, Wales, England and Eire, NABD is offering them this support. However, a rider should be enthusiastic enough to fight until they get exactly what they are in need of. All governments have a soft spot for disables and are always ready to offer the, any support they need.

Secondly, once you have the dirt bike in place, you will need someone to train you. Getting the freedom and independence other riders enjoy, you must be patient and ready to pay the price. A support group would make things much easier for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been in this industry for a long time, there are trainers who are ready to hold your hand until you perfect your skills. With a willing heart and hard work, there is nothing impossible.

NB: Some disabilities might not need any kind of adaptations done to their dirt bikes. With the right training, patience and a positive attitude, they will be able to enjoy riding ordinary dirt bikes just like any other rider.


When it comes to riding with disability, apart from the training and support, your attitude will also matter a lot. With a positive attitude, you’ll easily be able to achieve more than any other dirt bike rider with disability has been able to achieve so far!

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