Best Season For Dirt Biking

Dirt biking is fun and it is one of the sports that once you start, there is no stopping. It would be almost impossible to think of going for a week or a month without getting down to the road to do what you love the most. Dirt bike riding is fun, but it is more enjoyable during summer.

Riding your dirt bike during winter and especially when there is heavy snow will never be easy. It is actually quite expensive because there is a lot that you need to do to get down on the road. The best think however is, the final results will be worth the sacrifice.

Tips of Modifying Your Bike To Ride on Snow

As we have mentioned above, dirt biking is more fun and easier during summer. The reason being, the ground is usually dry and set for your bike. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take your “baby” on the road during winter.

All you need is to modify her a little bit and it will be fit to hold the ground. Some of these modifications include:

1.    Change The Tires

I know that feeling especially if your tires are brand new! Changing the tires doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot use them later. All you will require to do is have tires that will fit your bike during winter and once winter is over, you can have them back.

Human beings are very resistant to change and we try to fight it as much as possible. The same happens when it comes to changing the tires of your bike to ride in the snow. Unfortunately, many have ended up hating the experience after being stuck half way through.

Changing or modifying your tires means, you will get stronger and resistant tires that will comfortably ride through the snow. Dirt bikes tires used on winter have studs that keep traction. The studs stick out a few millimeters from the tires. They grip the frozen ground preventing you from sliding or slipping during a ride.

2.    Motor

Apart from the tires, it is very important to work on the motor of your dirt bike as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to put down your old motor and replace it with a new one. Just a few modifications and the bike will be ready to hit the road rolling.

There are several pieces that needs to be added on your existing motor to keep it safe from the wet snow. Your carburetor needs to be covered to prevent it from freezing once you cut through the snow. If the carburetor freezes, it can cause the throttle to get stuck as well as fuel starvation.

3.    Your Safety

Apart from looking at the various things that you need to modify on your bike, consider your experience as well. No matter how modified your bike is, if you are not confident about your riding skills, it might turn out disastrous than fun.

Apart from experience, you must also ensure you are well dressed up to deal with the cold. When dirt bike in the snow, you might suffer from complications like frostbite and Hypothermia. If all the measures are not well taken care of, the cold in the woods can even lead to death which is the last thing we all want.

NB: Never rider in the woods during winter alone. Although it is always advisable to ride with a friend or a partner at all times, it is more important during winter. This is because, your friend will come to your rescue in case of anything or can call for help if need be.


In life, everything we do is a risk. Although riding in the woods during winter is very risky, it can also be very fun. When everything is put into place including being warmly dressed, you have no reason of not thrusting through the snow with your bike!

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