Best Dirt Bikes under $800

Investing in a cheap dirt bike is a waste of money since it will not provide you with a powerful engine and a competitive powerband.

A better option is to look forward to the wide range of excellent Dirt Bike under $800 and buy in a perfect and reliable dirt bike. You may still hunt for the best dirt bike for beginners and adults at a reasonable price. When you pick a price range of 1000 dollars, you’ll get electric and gas-powered Dirt Bikes for adults and beginners.

These are some of them:

1.    RR Beta 125

Beta is an Italian dirt bike brand that has exploded in popularity across Europe and in motocross in general. The new 2019 Beta 125 RR model is one of Beta’s smaller bikes (in terms of cubic centimeters), but it packs a punch at a low price of $7,999 new.

What Makes This Model Unique?

  1. One of the best features of the Beta 125 RR bike is that it is extremely light, making it very easy to handle. For someone new to dirt biking, lighter bikes are an excellent place to start, but this bike would also be ideal for people who just desire less bulk and better acceleration.
  1. The Sun and Rain settings are another fantastic feature of this device. Because of the lower rpm and quick shifting, the Rain mode helps the bike provide you the optimum performance during trail riding. For speedier performance, the Sun mode is optimized for the midrange and top-end.
  2. These modes, together with the bike’s light weight and simple handling, offer something for everyone on a variety of trips.

2.    Honda CRF250R is number two on the list.

Honda is a major dirt bike manufacturer, and the CRF250R is one of their most popular models. The 2019 model, which starts at $7,999 new, has some incredible upgrades that boost the bike’s overall performance over its predecessors.

What Makes This Model Unique?

  1. This model has been updated with a revised cam profile for improved low-end performance and a shortened right-side exhaust pipe for improved top-end performance.
  1. Another impressive feature of this model is how simple it is to operate and maneuver through tight corners. This bike can be a little jittery on rocky areas of the course due to its effortless handling. With this bike’s outstanding performance, I wouldn’t say that’s a deal-breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind when riding this fantastic machine.

3.    XC200 GasGas

The GasGas XC200 is one of the lightest bikes on the market, weighing in at just 220 pounds (100 kilograms), yet it has a little more power than bikes with smaller engines. It costs $7,999 new and gives you a lot of bang for your dollars.

What Makes This Model Unique?

  • This new 2019 model comes with a slew of additional features that are likely to entice riders to hop aboard this superb Enduro bike.
  • Strong Kayaba suspension, a Kehin carburetor, a Magura clutch pump, and Excel wheel rims are all included on this bike. GasGas has updated the electrical system with a new starter and a battery system with increased charge capacity, in keeping with their goal to providing high bike quality.
  • GasGas has done an outstanding job updating this bike to increase its quality and performance.

4.      Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki is another dirt bike manufacturer that produces high-quality motorcycles. The Kawasaki KX250 is an excellent, lightweight bike with tremendous characteristics that costs around $7,800.

What Makes This Model Unique?

  • The Kawasaki KX250 offers a lot of low-end power and is quite easy to ride. The bike’s smooth handling is due in part to its modest weight of 221 pounds, but it also has a lot to do with its narrowness.
  • If you’re afraid to contemplate narrow bikes, I’d recommend giving the Kawasaki KX250 a try if you want a bike that’s easy to ride.
  • Due to the bike’s lightness and agility, the KX250 is sensitive to rough patches on tracks; as a result, you may need to adapt your riding style to accommodate for this gem of a bike.

5.    TXT250 Racing by GasGas

The GasGas TXT250 Racing bike boasts one of the most distinctive aesthetics I’ve ever seen on a dirt bike. But this bike’s distinct, sleek design isn’t all it has to offer. The TXT 250 Racing variant, which costs around $7,900, is known for its dependability and performance.

What Makes This Model Unique?

• The swingarm of this bike has been completely redesigned by GasGas, and this model features a progressive linkage system. The swingarm and links work together to improve the bike’s overall stability and traction in the back.

• New kevlar clutch discs have been added to the bike, which improve the engine’s overall performance. When it comes time to replace the clutch discs, GasGas has incorporated a simple cover over the clutch disc that is easy to remove.

• If you want to read more about the GasGas TXT250 RAcing bike and see images, click here.

6.    GasGas MC 125 dirt bikes

The unadulterated delight of a screaming 125cc 2-stroke is hard to surpass! Our MC 125 combines a competitive 125cc, 6-speed engine with an extremely nimble and responsive chassis and suspension set-up to give fun, fun, fun.

A dash of white with a splash of red. That’s how we prefer it! All GASGAS motocross bikes have bodywork that not only expresses our bright, Spanish personality, but also assures total synergy between rider and bike. Our flat, high-grip seat design provides comfort and control in all situations, while ergonomics allow for unfettered movement.

Riders will experience lively handling and an enthusiastic feeling on every motocross circuit thanks to the technology in our frames. A lightweight chromium molybdenum steel chassis, hydro-formed, laser-cut, and robot-welded chassis lies behind the red powder paint.


Purchasing dirt is a significant investment that necessitates extensive forethought. The good thing about his investment is that it will last you for many years after you make it. You can choose from the top dirt motorcycles under $800 listed above. Before you invest your money, be sure you’ve gone over all of them.

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