Are Knee Guards Necessary For Dirt Biking?

Many times, this question keeps popping up among riders and especially trainees. To start with, the answer of whether a knee guard is necessary or not, is a big “Yes”. Anything meant to make your life more bearable and to keep you safe is worth trying.

There has been a lot of misconceptions of wearing a knew guard while riding a dirt bike. This has contributed a lot to many riders believing they are not necessary and one can do without them. However, the moment you understand how important they are, it will be crystal clear they are as important as a helmet is.

Misconceptions Surrounding Knee Guards

There are very many misconceptions that surround wearing knee guard while riding a dirt bike. Some of these include;

  • They are meant for injured knees

Ten to fifteen years ago, this statement could have been very relevant. However, today, it is treated as a misconception as that is not the real truth about knee pads and knee guards. In the past, knee guards were used to rectify broken or injured knees.

With time, manufacturers realized there was a great need of protecting athletes from serious injuries in case of an accident. This is when they invented the protective guards athletes wear today.

  • They are very heavy

Today’s knee guards are not heavy. When an inventor introduces something new in the market, they do great research before. The same happened before the release of protective knee guards to the market. Today’s knee guards are made of plastic and other very light materials. Therefore, they will protect your knee in case of an accident and still allow you to reach your full potential in a race.

  • They trigger other types of injuries

One of the reasons why many riders wear knee guards is to protect their knees from injuries like ACL. Some riders believe that, when an accident occurs, knee guards directs force from the knee to other parts. Therefore, if you avoid a ligament, you will suffer from a broken femur.

Although it is true force is directed away from the knee to somewhere else, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will result to a broken femur. Today’s guards spread the force evenly preventing serious injuries on any part of your body.

  • Expensive

Buying a new knee guard might seem quite expensive. However, when you compare it with the cost of treating an injury and the time wasted during recovery, buying knee guards is definitely cheaper and more convenient.

Just like it costs you to buy helmets and boots, buying knee guards should be part of your budget. The good thing is, there are many affordable knee guards in the market today and are al of great quality.

  • Prevents you from moving freely

When knee guards were first introduced to the market, they were only meant to support an injured knee. Therefore, it had very many restrictions and limitations compared to the knee guards we have today.

The knee guards in the market today are meant to keep you safe and not restrict you in anyway. Therefore, they are made in a way that they support natural human motion including running.

NB: To enjoy the best services from your knee guard, ensure you wear them correctly. At the same time, it is important to ensure you shop for the right size to avoid any inconveniences. If you are not sure which size fits you best, ask for the sizing charts.


Just as I last said on my article , there are many myths and misconceptions in dirt biking that do more harm than good. If you want to enjoy riding your bike long enough, always be in the right gear including knee guards!

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