A Rule of Thumb in Dirt Bike Riding

 A rule of thumb majorly identifies a number things that you should do to achieve certain results. Although these rules are usually not documented and failure to do them is not punishable by law, they are vital.

When it comes to dirt bike riding, things are no different. There are a number of things one learns with time and they become very important in their expertise in the sport. In this article, I have listed a few points that will be of help to any rider looking forward to be a professional rider.

1.    Never Over-stretch Yourself

Learning to ride a dirt bike might be easy or challenging depending on an individual. Simply because your friend become an expert within six months doesn’t mean it’ll be the case for you too. We are all different and gifted differently. Understanding our diversity helps us see things in the right perspective.

When you overstretch, two things happen. Either you give up when it is too early or you get overworked and end up being frustrated. The secret is in ensuring you treat things in the right proportion all the time. At the same time, set small goals and work towards achieving them as a way of recording your progress.

2.    Find You Balance in The Bike

Any dirt bike enthusiast knows how sweet it feels when you are pulling different stands during your ride. Although there is nothing wrong with this, never go for them until you are ready. A dirt bike is just like any other machine out there. At the beginning, it needs a lot of concentration and care but once you get used to it, things become easier.

When riding a dirt bike, it is very easy to get your balance compromised by the weight of the bike. Unlike an expert rider, a beginner should adhere to the book when making tight turns and riding on rough roads. Once you become confident and you’re able to balance the bike, pull all the stands you desire to.

There are different ways of achieving balance on your bike. The most important part is in riding in low speed. This will enable you to keep your feet down hence, avoiding toppling over. With this, you will find the balance quickly and naturally. For quick turns, your weight should be put on the front edge.

3.    Having The Right Attitude

Learning something new is never easy. Although we want to be an expert and have our names on the headlines, we are rarely willing to pay the price. One of the best and fun sports is dirt bike riding. However, it is also among some of the most challenging and dangerous sports.

This means, there is a price to pay to become a professional rider. One of the most imperative things you need to do is develop the right attitude. Just because you have tried twice and lost doesn’t mean that you should not try again. No matter how hard things get, never give up until you are able to achieve your set long-term and short-term goals.

4.    Be in The Right Company

Th people you surround yourself with will determine how fast you’ll perfect your skills. Hanging around with beginners will slow down your progress while experts help you rise to stardom very fast. This is because, apart from them teaching you a few tips to stardom, you’ll also learn a lot by observing how they do their thing!


Every field and industry have its own secrets of survival. The more you understand them, the easier things will work out for you. Although there are hundreds of Dos and don’ts when it comes to dirt bike riding, above are a few tips no coach will tell you!  

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