8 Common Types of Dirt Bikes

Off-road motorcycles, also known as “dirt bikes,” are classified into eight categories. Each category consists of motorcycles with varying quality and suitability for various sorts of riding.

This article will discuss the many dirt bikes and the types of riders that would be most comfortable on them.

1.    Trail Dirt Bikes

A trail bike is a dirt bike designed for usage on trails. It is light and inexpensive. Trail bikes are simple to ride and maintain, even for those who have never ridden a motorcycle. The product’s lower pricing is due in part to its simpler technology, which has fewer bells and whistles.

The seats on these vehicles are usually lower to the ground, making it easier for the rider to keep both feet on the ground. Because compact automobiles aren’t designed for extended journeys, their gas tanks are often only a couple of gallons.

The manufacturer and model of a car determine whether it has a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Because these bikes aren’t allowed on the road, you can only get to the trailhead with a truck or trailer.

Trail bikes typically cost approximately $4,000 because they don’t have many extra features and are easy to construct.

2.    Enduro Bike

Enduro bikes are high-performance dirt bikes designed for long-distance off-road endurance racing. Off-road motorbikes, often known as “enduro bikes,” have been around for quite some time. The first one was shown in 1913 at the International Six-Day Trial.

They are designed to perform well and have more horsepower than standard dirt bikes, allowing even the most aggressive riders to ride them easily. They have cutting-edge suspension systems designed to withstand the rugged terrain of enduro events.

An enduro bike’s engine is equipped with protective hardware to ensure it can withstand the abuse it will face. Despite the small frame, a typical enduro bike weighs between 230 and 260 pounds. Enduro bikes, on the other hand, require more frequent service and may require an oil change every few hundred miles. This is a significant issue for bicycles.

Enduro bikes, unlike dual sport bikes, cannot be ridden on the street unless they have been updated. Because the seats aren’t as comfortable and the tires have a lot of knobs, they’re better for off-road riding.

The phrase “adventure bike” refers to a broad category of motorbikes performing best on paved roads but handling minor off-road conditions. They combine the best features of dirt motorcycles and sportbikes to create a single bike capable of handling pavement and dirt.

3.    Adventure Dirt Bikes

Adventure dirt motorcycles are heavier than the other dirt bikes on this list because they have extra amenities that make road riding more enjoyable. They can travel longer distances since the seats are more comfortable, there is more storage room, and the fuel tanks are more considerable.

They also contain more advanced electronics and features, such as cruise control, designed for road use. The word “adventure bike” is frequently used in marketing and can refer to various cycles. These trips could be as large as a cross-country trip or as simple as a walk in the woods.

Adventure motorcycles are substantially heavier than ordinary motorcycles, making them difficult to ride and get on for those who aren’t used to riding off-road.

4.    Child Dirt Bike

Most dirt bike manufacturers design smaller motorcycles and easier to ride for riders of average height or shorter. Smaller engines and lower seat heights on these child dirt motorcycles allow younger riders to feel comfortable with both feet on the ground.

Children as young as four years old frequently ride dirt motorcycles, with or without parental supervision, as long as they know how to do so safely and have received the necessary instruction.

The Honda CRF110F and Yamaha PW50 are two of the most popular bikes for riders under 25 that can be purchased brand new for less than $2,500.

5.    Dual Sport Bike

Dual sport motorcycles are multi-purpose vehicles that may be driven on paved highways, off-road trails, and gravel roads. They function similarly to ordinary street bikes but are excellent off-road, making them an excellent alternative for commuting during the week and weekend excursions.

Because they are designed to handle rough roads and smooth freeways, these vehicles do not require oil changes for an extended period. Most dirt bikes that can be driven on public roads are more dependable than others.

Because they are light, well-balanced, and powerful, dual sport bikes are ideal for bikers of all ability levels. The seat on this bike is higher than on a trial cycle, allowing for improved visibility.

If you can comfortably ride your dirt bike on the street and the trail, you can hang from your house to a nearby course and stop for gas on the way.

Dual sport motorcycles are not designed to be quick. Instead, they are designed to provide passengers with a lot of value for their money. New dual-sport motorcycles typically cost around $5,000. This is because they have fewer high-end parts than other types of bikes.

6.    Motocross Dirt Bike

Motocross motorcycles are designed to compete on dirt and gravel tracks. They are frequently referred to as “MX bikes.” These high-end dirt motorcycles are intended for experienced riders concerned with their bikes’ overall performance.

They are used in the American Motocross Championship and the American Supercross Championship, two professional motocross and supercross championships. Jett Lawrence won the AMA Pro Motocross 250 class in 2021 on a Honda CRF250R.

One of the most noticeable design differences is that a motocross bike has a firmer suspension intended to better absorb the stress of landing jumps. Since it has a powerful engine and moves swiftly, this bike is ideal for traveling over challenging terrain and steep hills.

Motocross bikes are lighter than enduro motorcycles since they are designed for speed and acceleration. Because most motocross races take place during the day, bikes do not typically feature lights.

However, you can easily add lights if you want to ride at night. Because most motocross races are only a few minutes long, the bikes utilized are less comfortable than those used in longer races. Furthermore, their gas tanks are significantly smaller than those of enduro motorcycles.

Most new motorcycles in this class cost between $8,000 and $10,000, so expect to pay extra if you want more significant power.

7.    Trail Bike

A trail bike is different from a conventional mountain bike since it is made for contests where riders have to show that they can maintain their bikes under control and not let them hit the ground. In a trail competition, riders must get around things like rocks, creeks, and waterfalls to win.

8.    Electric Dirt Bike

Since electric dirt bikes are a newer form of motorcycle, the market for them is anticipated to rise as more businesses produce new versions that run on electricity.

The Zero FX is a dual-sport, all-electric motorcycle that can go up to 85 miles per hour and 46 miles without needing to be charged (in the city) (in the town). They are built by Zero Motorcycles.

The Stark Varg is an electric motocross bike that can match or beat the performance of gas-powered bikes. You now have another choice. Its astounding 80 horsepower exceeds the Honda CRF450R’s 55 horsepower significantly.

Electric automobiles are easy to take care of because they don’t need oil changes and have fewer moving parts. Because they cost less to run and keep up, they are more economically viable.

When the battery power is low, it can take an hour or more to charge an electric bike, which is different from gas-powered motorcycles. The gas-powered cycle enables you to travel on longer trips.


However, just as there are numerous types of vehicles, there are multiple types of bicycles that people prefer to ride for various reasons.

Some are purely practical and serve a very functional purpose, whereas others are purely aesthetically pleasing and are simply intended to draw people’s attention. When choosing the type of bike to buy, consider your main purpose of buying one!

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